DigitalArrive helps in discovering best apps and how to use them along with tips and tricks, With the increase in the thousands of apps on playstore finding best apps on app stores has become hectic process.

So in order to save time provides Android app reviews primary and also alternative versions of the Android apps for Windows and iOS. Wherever possible, DigitalArrive team includes one or more screenshots of each application, often showing the application’s menus to help illustrate its features and also download links to the official apps without repacking provided as it is.​

About DigitalArrive Student Scholarship worth $1500​ We are ecstatic to announce about the DigitalArrive Student Scholarship 2018 Contest. With a great intention to assist the young and talented freaks fiscally, we award a worthy amount of $1500 as a reward for those who wins the Scholarship Test 2018. ​


  • Submissions should be received by September 16, 2018 9 AM EST.​
  • Submissions Should be Mailed to ​Include your  Name, College and Phone Number
  • Submission should be not less than 500 words and not more than 1000 words​
  • Multiple Entries are not allowed. If found the first entry will be considered.
  • Please submit only in the following formats .doc .docx .pdf formats
  • ​Subject of email should be TAW SCHOLARSHIP CONTEST 2018


Students should meet the following requirements to contest for scholarship.​

Students should be of age 18 years old and above.​Who are enrolled in an accredited college or university located anywhere in the world​

Winner should submit Student ID card for verification  ​Judging Criteria

Once the application period has ended, our scholarship committee will review the essays.

A winner will be chosen by ​September 27 2018.

Scholarship Name: DigitalArrive Student

Topic: Review of Your Favorite Android or iOS App​​

Scholarship Amount: ​1500 USD​​​​

Application Deadline: ​16-SEP-2018​

Award Announcement: ​27-SEP-2018​

Contact Person: ​Suresh​​

Contact Email  :​​​​​​​

Terms And Conditions : Submitted entries should be original and duly written by the applicants.

Incomplete entries will not be considered

Only entries written in English will accepted.

The site will not charge or ask for any fees to join the program.